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United Motors Building/YWCA of Greater Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio

United Motors Building

United Motors Building

United Motors Building

United Motors Building


project info

Firm's Responsibilities: Construction Management / Design / Build

Conversion of former United Motors headquarters building into Cleveland YWCA headquarters and offices.

Total Development Cost: $4 million

Location: 4019 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Building Size: 24,000 sf Renovation

Completion Date: June 2001

Owner: UM Building, LLC

Tenants: YWCA of Great Cleveland Headquarters

Primary Use: YWCA Headquarters & Offices

Funding Sources: First, Second, Third Mortgage Financing - $4 million

The preservation and adaptive re-use of the 1920 United Motors Company Building at 4019 Prospect Ave. in Cleveland’s Upper Prospect Historic District received a 2002 Preservation Merit Award.

As an automobile dealership and showroom in the 1920’s, the United Motors building was rehabilitated by the use of a 20 percent Federal Tax Credit.

Certain features were important to the restoration, such as the façade. A storefront was added in 1957 and was removed and replaced with wood and metal storefronts matching the original architectural drawings and historic photographs. The terra cotta cornice was repaired where possible. Missing portions were rebuilt to match the original. Fluted columns were repaired and the column capitals were reproduced based on a single surviving acanthus leaf.

The remainder of the building was rehabilitated in a contemporary style and now serves as headquarters for the YWCA of Greater Cleveland.