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UH Regina Health Center
Cleveland, Ohio

UH Regina Health Center

UH Regina Health Center


project info

Firm’s Responsibilities:

Total Development Cost:
$6 million

Project Length:
5 year schedule

Architect: HFP/Ambuske Architects

Contractors: Doan / Pyramid/Reliance Mechanical / S.A. Communale

This project was a 5-year, phased plan to install Fire Protection and HVAC to Regina Health Center. The facility was the original Sisters of St. Augustine Mother House that was built in 1957 and converted into a retirement home and assisted living facility in 1993.

Beginning in 2002, support areas outside of the patient care floors had the original plaster ceilings removed to allow for the installation of new fire protection and chilled water fan coil units.

All work was completed at night without any disruption to normal daily operation.